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Meeting and departing are two sides of a coin in human life. Farewell to any one to say goodbye and pray to god for his good future. In the French we say ‘Adieu’ when we say goodbye to any one. It is common word we speck daily to our friends and loved ones.

The word farewell means going or departing from one place to another, from one office to another, or from one relation to another.  A farewell can bring two people more closely and they can promise to keep in touch. It is our duty to say ‘we will miss you’.


Take an example of a man who is working for the last forty years and retiring from his job. It is a duty of his boss or colleagues to give him a farewell party and in appreciate him for his wonderful job. Boss can appreciate the contribution in the firm. The farewell speech should deliver by a good speaker who cans easily correlates the story related to that employee. Such a farewell speech should be optimistic and positive, hope for the man to start a new life after retirement. A farewell speech consists of previous incidents of the life of the departed person. 

A farewell speech reflects the loyalty and courage of a group who are moving ahead without an officer.  A farewell among the school mates and college friends can be personal and they can share some personal experiences with each other. They usually refer to the acceptance of challenges ahead and meet to success in life. Goodbye is very important as we meet number of people in our daily life and learn something from everyone. A dedicated small but beautiful poem can make the farewell more memorable and the departing person will always remember your love and affection.

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